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Abysmal Results With Your Current Advertising Agency?

If You're Investing Your Advertising Dollars With Yodle, Yellow Pages, Hibu, Martindale Hubbell, Marchex, DexKnows Or Any Of The Other Brands These Giants Hide Behind.....

You've Got Major Problems With Your Marketing & It's Costing You BIG Time!

Especially If They Are Managing Your PPC & AdWords Marketing Efforts!!

Listen, this isn't theory or guess work on our part.

You're being lied to, you're being taken advantage of, and…

You are losing more money in wasted advertising dollars and lost opportunities for your business than you can imagine and...

Your current advertising agency is working with your direct competitors, bidding you guys against each other on an AUCTION based advertising platform that can have only ONE winner!

If you continue to rely on your current ad agency to bring you success on your advertising dollars, then you will undoubtedly continue to see far less results and returns than you and your business deserve!!

Please take a few minutes of your day and watch this short video presentation. I am positively certain, that it will enlighten you to the predicaments you face with your current advertising agency of choice.

I am also certain, that most of you, will already be quite aware that you are seeing abysmal results with your advertising efforts. I've taken a great deal of my personal time to not only make this information available and highly relevant to you, but to get it in front of you as well!

If your business's success isn't worth a few minutes of your time in order to understand:

  • The problems you are facing and the profits you are UNDENIABLY flushing down the drain...
  • And more significantly, how to rid yourself of these problematic “leakages” that you shouldn’t have in the first place and…
  • How to see massive increases in revenue from your investment and allocated advertising budget....
  • Then, I can only assume that your business and financial success means more to me than it does to you and I really don't know what else I can say....except good luck!

    Don't You Want To Know Exactly How Your Advertising Dollars Are Being Misused By YOUR Ad Agency & How You Are Being Taken Advantage Of?!

    And Wouldn't You Like To Know Exactly How To Be A Successful, Profitable Online Advertiser That Maximizes Their Marketing Investments Instead?!

    Then Watch This Video Presentation!!

For those that simply do not have the time or just flat out doesn't like watching videos on their smartphone or computer, let me bottom line this for you........

You Need To FIRE Your Current Advertising Agency


Invest in Better, More Accountable Representation and Management

Of Your Marketing and Advertising Efforts!!

Are we the right company for you? I honestly cannot say. We don't partner with just anyone, unlike like these worthless, unethical advertising giants. Without knowing your business, your needs and goals, I cannot answer that question or determine whether we're an ideal match for you. What I can tell you is that we are RESULTS driven in everything that we do for our clients and we make sure to focus on the things that matter....YOUR REVENUE!

That's exactly what we get our clients to focus on as well and that’s how we expect to be judged. You MUST stop throwing your precious advertising dollars to the wind with the hope that it brings in some sort of desired results. You NEED to have clarity, understanding and accountability for every dollar that you invest into your marketing. All of these above-mentioned companies want you “flying blind” and completely unaware of their inadequate mismanagement of your marketing dollars or whether they're actually doing anything at all in helping your business grow or not.

They want your hard-earned money and that is all they care about! Their entire business model is built on under-executed and under-delivered promises......and business acquisition by whatever means necessary; and here comes “you” aboard their worthless automated systems that will do little to nothing to actually help your business grow. As a marketing company they are ALL focused on the WRONG thing and that is their own profits instead of their clients. Wouldn’t it make sense for their main business revenue goals to be aligned with yours and shouldn’t their job as your marketing company be to make sure that “you” make YOUR money first and foremost?! Well, everything that they do is in direct conflict with that and their true “focus” is certainly not for your benefit.

Here is a short list of these conflicts:

  • You are being bid against your direct competitors by your advertiser on an AUCTION based ad platform.
  • You get almost identical "cookie-cutter" products & services as thousands of other advertisers and competitors.
  • You are being take hostage by being locked into a long-term contract, have little to no intellectual property rights, and receive terrible customer service. (Watch our presentation above for a full list and explanation)

If I knew we were never going to speak, then I would at least want to imprint you now with the single, most important piece of advice I could give you when it comes to marketing your business in this new digital age, and that would be this............

Track Everything You Do To Market Your Business!!

Tens of thousands of unscrupulous so-called "marketing" companies, agencies, experts (whatever else they want to call themselves), would love to take your money with promises of having the best solutions for you while providing you with ZERO real benefits. Or worse, damage your online intellectual properties or reputation in the process of ripping you off. Protect yourself from this vast shark infested ocean that is digital marketing, and TRACK EVERYTHING! Take the steps necessary to understand and know what every one of your advertising dollars is bringing back to the the end of the day, profit is all that matters when it comes to advertising your business!

Here's what I suggest you do right now:

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Thank you for taking the time to look over our material, I hope it has helped steer you and your business to much greener pastures!