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Attention AdWords Express Advertisers!!
Stop Throwing Your Hard Earned Advertising Dollars Down The Toilet With AdWords Express

Still Wondering If You Should Step Up To AdWords?

​Let's Dive Right In And Examine In Detail The Crucial Differences Between AdWords & AdWords Express Platforms & Clarify Why Advertising Your Business On AdWords Express Is Akin To A "Business Suicide" That Is Costing You & Your Business A Mountain In Lost Revenue

At A Glance: AdWords Versus AdWords Express



AdWords Express

Can identify success with conversion tracking?



Control over which keywords you're bidding on?


Extremely Limited

Ad copy and optimization control?


Extremely Limited

Ability to use ad extensions for more & cheaper clicks?



Control over targeted location(s)?



Bid control on individual keywords?



Ability to block search terms (negative keywords)?



Show ads at only certain times/days (scheduling)?



Control over total spend?



Easy to learn and manage?



Management time needed?



So Why Two Versions Of AdWords Anyways?

A Brief Comparison

AdWords is Google’s flagship advertising program. It is incredibly powerful and allows for extremely granular control over every aspect of your advertising campaign. With all the control comes complexity, and for some businesses this is simply too much.
That’s where AdWords Express comes in. For those businesses who want to manage their campaigns with simplicity, AdWords Express provides the means to do so. With simplification of your options you gain many limitations. Without the “power options” that are available only in full-featured AdWords accounts, you risk to gain (with almost certainty) a lot of wasted Ad spend, loss of opportunities and consequent loss of revenue.

What Stays The Same?

Paying for Clicks
At a fundamental level there are "some" commonalities between AdWords and AdWords Express. In particular, the primary bidding mechanism of “Pay Per Click” is consistent for both platforms – i.e. you only pay when user actually clicks on your Ad. This is important to note: You are not paying for views or readers, but only investing into people who have shown enough interest in your business to click on your Ad.
Any Device
Both platforms allow you to advertise on computers, tablets and mobile devices, so you can reach your prospects no matter what device they happen to be using.
Location Targeting
You only want to reach (and pay for) those people that are within your ideal business service area. Google takes care of this with location targeting options both in AdWords and AdWords Express, to ensure that your ads are shown to people in the right locations, for the most part. However - It is important to note that AdWords offers considerably more advanced targeting options to allow for much more precise fine tuning of your campaigns, which is a necessary step for any business that is after higher profitability and ROI, and elimination of waste.

What Changes?

Conversion Tracking
AdWords allows you to identify and see those keywords, ads, and other targeting elements that are part of your advertising campaign setup, which are essential in evaluating the end-resulting inquiry to your business.

Express does not.

What is the Impact – You CANNOT possibly maximize the return on your ad spend if you do not know what is working and what isn’t. There is an old marketing aphorism “I know 50% of my advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%”. Simply - with AdWords you know, with Express, you don’t.
Both AdWords and Express use keywords to determine when to show your Ad to potential prospects. So if a user searches for “Nike shorts” and “Nike shorts” is in your list of target keywords, (and providing all other targeting criteria are met) your Ad will show (note: this is a simplification of keyword matching mechanisms for the purpose of this comparison).
In AdWords, the keyword list is the responsibility of the advertiser. In Express, the advertiser creates an initial, simple keyword list and Google takes care of the rest. Google Automation works in the background, mechanically choosing your keyword list to match your business.

So with Express, you gain automation, but sacrifice a vast amount of control. Poor keyword targeting is responsible for much of the wasted spend in most AdWords accounts, so handing over responsibility to an "algorithm" will almost certainly increase the spend inefficiency in your account

Location Targeting
With Express, location targeting is simple – choose a location and a radius or city, state, and you are done.
In AdWords, this feature is more complex, but most importantly, allows you to advertise in one or more parts of a city, multiple locations and even to change your bids for users in your best locations so that you could increase the possibility of them clicking your Ad.
In AdWords, you determine the maximum amount you are willing to pay for someone to click on your Ad for a given keyword. This ensures that you never have to pay more for a click than the likely value you will get from a prospect.
In Express, Google controls your maximum bid amounts, which are subject to your daily spend limit. It’s simple, but you almost always pay way more than you should. Furthermore, you lose even more, since you don’t have the option to raise bids manually and pay more for industry and business specific identifiable, valuable prospects.
Ad Optimization
AdWords allows you to use additional, proven revenue enhancing Ad elements (such as extra links, reviews and others) that improve the overall performance of your Ads.

In Express, you simply don’t have these options. These valuable, performance enhancing elements are not available to you; so if you are competing against advertisers using AdWords (which you of course are or will be), you may struggle to advertise effectively, compete against and achieve an adequate level of return on your Ad spend simply due to being “outmatched” and “outgunned”.

Producing Effective Google AdWords campaigns, is reliant upon an ongoing optimization process. Essentially, testing keywords, different ad copy, landing page components and various other types of tweaks within the internal account configuration itself (in addition to a long list of other components that comprise an AdWords campaign).
In Express, your account optimization is in the control of Google engineers. You cannot influence your testing plan, keywords, bids or even the time of day your Ads are shown.

THE VERDICT - Which is Better?

Almost Always - Adwords!
Rich feature set, huge amount of control and the ability to eliminate wasted Ad spend at a granular level provided by AdWords, makes it the preferred choice for just about any business that values effectiveness and an actual return on investment. After all, why would you as an advertiser deliberately choose an option that is more wasteful with your money?!
The Exception

The only circumstance in which Express is a better choice is when all of the following apply:

  • You do not mind wasting a proportion of your Ad budget
  • You only have one product to advertise
  • You advertise locally in a single location
  • You are unwilling to engage professionals to maximize your Ad campaign performance
  • You have a tiny budget


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