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Our team is ready to review your account's settings and campaigns in order to give you up-to-date performance evaluation.
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AdWords Account Audit


We are excited to provide an in depth audit of your Google AdWords account.  One of our highly trained paid search experts will look at your account settings, keyword selection, ad copy, search query reports and more, to determine your overall account performance.  Our goal is to identify areas of wasteful spending and ways to improve account performance.

Why Account Access is Important

Our team relies on access to your AdWords account to determine current settings, performance, areas of wasteful spend and opportunities for improvement.  Without this access, our team cannot review    the details of your paid search efforts.  Much like when you have a problem with your car, we are mechanics and we need to look under your hood to get a clear picture of what is going on.

What Our Team Will Do With Account Access

Our team will view your campaign settings, targeting methods, keyword selection, ad copy, search query reports, detailed reporting and overall account performance
This will not allow us access to any sensitive information, including credit card/payment details. Our team will not make any changes within the account.  There is no risk to having our team perform an account audit.  You can revoke our access upon completion of the audit and you can check your change history (screenshot below) to ensure no changes have been made.

Granting AdWords Access

First, we will request that you provide us with your 10 digit Customer ID that can be found in the top right hand corner of your AdWords user interface.
We will then send you an invite to link accounts.  You will receive an account notification that invites you to link to your account.  You will accept this invite by clicking the gear  icon within your AdWords account, then selecting Account settings from the drop down.
Then, select Account access from the left hand navigation and click Accept invitation.

Terminating AdWords Access

When the audit has been completed, you may then remove access from the same place you granted access.  Click the Actions drop down next to the Client manager and select Terminate access.



Please, let us know any particular things to check and the best time to contact you by phone (if provided).